Report 2020

Report 2020

This report is intended to provide AGL shareholders with information on AGL’s performance for the financial year ended 30 June 2020. Our 2020 Annual Report includes the Financial Report of AGL and its consolidated entities for the year.




Letter from the Chairman

FY20 has been a time of unprecedented challenge for many Australians. The impacts of widespread and severe drought, followed by devastating bushfires and the economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, have been extreme.

Managing Director & CEO’s Report

AGL’s strong FY20 result reflects the stability and sustainability of AGL during a period of significant upheaval across our markets and in the communities we serve.

COVID-19 Response

AGL responded quickly to ensure our people were cared for, our customers were looked after, and our assets continued to operate.

Purpose, Values & Strategy

AGL has three strategic priorities: Growth, Transformation and Social Licence, which is underpinned by a clear purpose of Progress for Life.

How We Create Value

A visual depiction of how we create value, showing key inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes.

Business Value Drivers

These ‘scorecards’ outline the strategic context, key performance indicators, outcomes and outlook for each of the seven business value drivers or ‘capitals’.

ESG Data Centre

Governance Summary

TCFD Report